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This blog is about all the things we love…
Beth-I’m fourteen years old and I love vintage fashion, Batman and crafty things. I am the oldest of four homeschooled kids (I’m also homeschooled). I play the piano and I love pretty much all music, but my favourites are Glenn Miller, Billy Joel, Paul Simon and Frank Sinatra. I want to be a fashion designer and live in London.

Sophie Nell~ I love sci-fi, books, and hot wings.  Acting is my life and my passion.  I believe that the greatest invention ever is a TARDIS.  Who cares if they’re fictional?  They’re still awesome.

Virginia- I am 12 years old and inspired by vintage fashion. I enjoy playing  violin (and viola) and love being outside  as well as spending time with our various animals (of all shapes and sizes) I am an extreme book worm and a couple of my favorite musicians are Simon and Garfunkel, Escala, Ingrid Michaelson, and The Beatles.  Oh, and I am super tall ( as well as everyone else in this group except Sophie 🙂      )

Brookelynn- Everybody else seems to be starting with their ages, and so shall I. I’m fourteen. I play the piano, and also read, write, and do homework. Unlike Beth and Virginia, I go to a charter school (Haas Hall), and tend to lean more to classical music, such as Mozart and Bach, or movie music, like the background songs in Sherlock Holmes or songs in musicals, like Beauty and the Beast – basically anything that I can hear, then try to repeat on the piano. Besides my very-slightly-cooperative-but-mainly-bushy hair, that’s practically everything anyone needs to know. Besides the amazing-ness of forks. Whoever invented forks was a genius. But, I am digressing.


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  1. why hast sophie not posteth her own biography? the fiend! i shall see to it at once that she does! with haste…. away!!


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